Children’s 3D Backpack Bear

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Children’s 3D Backpack Bear, has one large main compartment. The zipper are large and allow the child to successfully open and close them.

Perfect for out-of-school activities!

Produced from 100% ecological neoprene

Children’s 3D backpack Bear has wide straps that are anatomically shaped and the weight is effectively distributed over the child’s shoulders. The anatomical back is supplemented with Air Max system in the form of elastic mesh inserts, which allows air to circulate between the child’s back and the back wall of the rucksack, antibacterial effect.
Children’s 3D Backpack Bear with paws in the front, in the form of pockets, which are glued to the front with magnets.
The front chest fastening provides excellent stability when wearing the backpack.
The colors are vivid and highlight your child always among other children.
The forms of NoHoo backpacks and bags always attract the eyes of all children.
NoHoo backpacks and bags are produced for over 20 years!
Always pay attention to every detail!
NoHoo backpacks and bags are certified with the most prestigious worldwide and European quality certificates! Something that is very important to the safety of your children!
Part of the NoHoo certificates are: ROHS ; REACH ; CPSIA and others.