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Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”

Children's 3D backpack Nemo

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo” we present today.

A backpack known to small and large children’s movie.

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”, is made of neoprene, which is lightweight and comfortable to wear. On the back, it is equipped with an AirMax system for the comfort of small children, which emit more heat.

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”, is equipped with soft and pleasant straps, again with the AirMax system and neoprene.

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”,there is also an additional front fastener that ensures perfect placement on the back of the child and prevents its displacement!

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”,there is a large base pocket in which a small partition is located. Comfortably dressed with a protective membrane that prevents liquids from spilling out.

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”,also features a smaller front pocket that is great for brisk access to important things.

Children’s 3D backpack “Nemo”, is ideal for everyday use, and for kids who go to nursery or kindergarten is also a wonderful toy, possessing a heroic orange-colored color that helps parents to recognize their children.

Backpack and bags from NoHooBG, are certified according to the European safety and quality requirements for the consumer. More of our models you can find Here.



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