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Child 3D backpack Bunny

Child 3D backpack Bunny so enchanting that everyone turns and wants to touch his soft stuffed ears. He caressed the soft pink bowtie.
The colors of Child 3D backpack Bunny, are so exciting that the girls barely hold, divorce, even for a second with him.

Child 3D backpack Bunny has a large compartment collecting all sorts of items.

Child 3D backpack Bunny, has an extra pocket in the back of the big compartment, where it can easily separate the most important items.

Child 3D backpack Bunny In front there is a so-called “quick” compartment for things that require a quick reaction. For example, keys, and why not a phone.
The straps of the 
Child 3D backpack “Bunny”  are nice. Soft and comfortable with regulation!
And if you know Child 3D backpack Bunny how pleasant to touch.

All  kid’s 3D backpacks and bags from NoHooBG, are designed for everyday use without worrying about wetting. Whether from inside to outside, or vice versa.

Neoprene has unbelievable protective properties, which is meaningful when wearing fluids inside. Internal contents of rain, or even unintentional splashing, are protected. Kids love the jolly and bright colors our models are magnetic. Children’s 3D backpacks and bags from NoHooBG, comply with all European and international quality certificates! Something that is extremely important for our products. 

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